HP Photosmart C4783 All-In-One Driver Download

HP Photosmart C4783 Driver Download. Use this section to install the HP Photosmart software on a computer connected to a network. Before you install the software, make sure you have connected the HP Photosmart to a network.

HP Photosmart C4783 All-In-One Driver
HP Photosmart C4783 All-In-One

If the HP Photosmart has not been connected to a network, follow the onscreen instructions during the software installation to connect the product to the network.


If your computer is configured to connect to a series of network drives, make sure that your computer is currently connected to these drives before installing the software. Otherwise, the HP Photosmart software installer might try to use one of the reserved drive letters and you will not be able to access that network drive on your computer.



Installation time can range from 20 to 45 minutes depending on your operating system, the amount of available space, and the processor speed of your computer.


To install the Windows HP Photosmart Software on a networked computer

  1. Quit all applications running on your computer.
  2. Insert the Windows CD that came with the product into the CD-ROM drive on your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. If a dialog box about firewalls appears, follow the instructions. If you see firewall pop-up messages, you must always accept or allow the pop-up messages.
  4. On the Connection Type screen, select an appropriate option, and then click Next. The Searching screen appears as the Setup program searches for the product on the network.
  5. On the Printer Found screen, verify that the printer description is correct. If more than one printer is found on the network, the Printers Found screen appears. Select the product you want to connect.
  6. Follow the prompts to install the software. When you have finished installing the software, the product is ready for use.
  7. To test your network connection, go to your computer and print a self-test report to the product.


Below is a note on the second point and adjusted as written.


If the HP Photosmart is not connected to a network, when prompted, connect the product to the computer using the USB setup cable included in the box. The product will then attempt to connect to the network.

The following drivers and downloaded to the Printer HP Photosmart C4783 All-In-One